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Consult is Key.

The initial consultation is an important first step when beginning your medical aesthetics journey. It allows us to create a positive patient-provider relationship and establish trust.


During your initial consult, we gather your personal health information, identify areas of concern and determine what your goals of treatment are. This is important to ensure that your treatment plan is not only safe but is customized to your unique needs/wants.


It is also important to ensure that realistic expectations are set and to ensure that you are aware of the possible risks and pre and post-treatment recommendations.


Medical aesthetics should not be a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all" approach. You deserve an individualized approach that allows me to connect with you and ensure your satisfaction.


If you’re nervous or unsure of where to start on your medical aesthetic journey, a consultation is always the best place to start. Plus, your consult fee is deducted from your first service or product purchase.

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