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Elevate your life, one drop at a time

Experience the power of personalized, intravenous nutrition to boost your vitality, enhance your glow, and support your overall well-being.

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Glut Glow

Detox, Strengthen and Repair.

  • Has the ability to recycle other antioxidants such as vitamin E and C.

  • Helps manufacture DNA- the infrastructure of cells and  proteins within the body.

  • May reduce insulin resistance.

  • Has been found to decrease wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

  • Can help detoxify drugs, pollutants and naturally created chemicals from the body. 



Hydrate, Replenish and Enhance.

  • Great electrolyte replenishment

  • Enhances mood and increases energy levels.

  • Optimizes insulin levels and glucose metabolism.

  • Can be used to treat various sources of burnout and fatigue.

  • Helps in regulating calcium and phosphorus.



Energize, Regenerate and Strengthen.

  • Improves energy levels, stamina, vitality and physical performance. 

  • Actives ATP (cellular energy source).

  • Optimizes the conversion of food to glucose.

  • Increase the oxygen- carrying capacity of cells. 

  • Corrects deficiencies such as: anemia, insomnia, stress, electrolyte imbalances and thyroid conditions. 



Refine, Illuminate and Refresh.

  • Triggers the body's own production of Glutathione.

  • Enhances skin elasticity and targets fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Triggers the body's own production of retinol by the liver.

  • Prevents cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals.

  • Great for skin brightening and hydration.



Protect, Repair and Supercharge.

  • Promotes healthy aging.

  • Improves wound healing.

  • Great for recovery after surgery.

  • Strengthens the immune system.

  • Increases red blood cell production. 


High C

Repair, Protect and Grow.

  • Boosts your immune system.

  • Helps in collagen production.

  • Helps fight cancer causing free radicals.

  • Slows the advance of age related macular degeneration.

  • Makes it easier to absorb iron to fight anemia.



Detox, Improve and Protect.

  • Has been found to improve athletic performance.

  • Known to help in DNA repair and maintenance.

  • Improved mood and energy levels.

  • Beneficial in treating addiction and detoxing from substances.

  • Has been found to help improve mental clarity and memory. 



Build, Improve and Protect.

  • Makes bone building cells more active.

  • Enhances collagen production.

  • Normalizes hormonal stress in those with anxiety.

  • Good for erectile dysfunction.

  • Helps with liver diseases such as cirrhosis and fatty liver.

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Elevate your wellness with Vitamin IV Drips at Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics. Our expert infusion blends deliver essential nutrients directly to your system, promoting overall health and rejuvenation for a revitalized you.

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