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Refine your contours

Redefine your profile with Deoxycholic Acid treatments at Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics.

Deoxycholic acid treatment reduces fullness and fat cells under the chin. It enhances the appearance of the jawline and can provide facial slimming. Trust my tailored approach for caring enhancements that reveal your natural beauty and confidence. Let's sculpt your ideal look, together


Nurse Yvonne utilizes a professional and trustworthy approach to enhance the contours of your chin and jawline. Our commitment to your confidence is reflected in the precision of Deoxycholic Acid injections, addressing stubborn fat deposits and sculpting a more defined, youthful appearance


Elevate your aesthetic experience with Nurse Yvonne—schedule a consultation to discover the transformative effects of Deoxycholic Acid tailored to your unique features.

What to Know.

Deoxycholic acid is naturally found in the body and helps break down and absorb fat. It’s a non-surgical injectable therapy used to dissolve extra fat and has permanent results.


This procedure takes about 30 mins, results are visual after 4 weeks and aftercare is minimal.


If the area around your jawline/under your chin is a nuisance, book a consult to see if this treatment is right for you!


* Multiple treatments may be required


Consult is Key.

At Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics, we believe in the power of personalized care. Your journey to enhanced beauty and well-being starts with a consultation tailored to your unique needs. Led by Nurse Yvonne's expertise, our consultations provide a professional and trustworthy platform for you to discuss your goals, ask questions, and explore the possibilities. Click 'Book Now' to embark on a journey where consultation is key, ensuring a customized approach to reveal your most radiant self.

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