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Your Journey, Your Choice.

Hi there! We're Yvonne & Mallory, your Medical Aesthetics Experts and go-to source for all things beauty, skincare & confidence.

At Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics, We believe that when patients are empowered, they can truly embrace their unique beauty journey.

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About Nurse Yvonne.

My mission is to provide patients with a safe, ethical and compassionate environment to feel comfortable in, while helping them be the best and happiest versions of themselves and boost their self confidence every step of the way.


I am a Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner and Certified Cosmetic Injector. In 2010, I graduated from STFX University with a bachelor of science in Nursing, then from Athabasca University in 2018 with my masters in nursing. My nursing background includes both ICU and ER, and currently I work in Primary healthcare holding an active license as a nurse practitioner with the CRNNS. 


Prioritizing your privacy and confidentiality. 

At Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics, your trust is paramount. Our mission is to enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence through safe and effective aesthetic treatments. 


About Nurse Mallory Lee.

Hi, I'm Mallory Gillis, a 33-year-old Registered Nurse with a passion for aesthetics and helping people feel their best.


In 2018, I graduated from Saint Francis Xavier University and transitioned to Perioperative Nursing, where I gained extensive knowledge of human anatomy, crucial for safe and effective nurse injections.

I've always been passionate about helping people, which led me to pursue a career in nursing. Combining this passion with my love for aesthetics, I found my dream job as a cosmetic injector. I value natural results that enhance clients' features. I believe in working with what patients have rather than mimicking another person's appearance.


I'm dedicated to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of my clients and am committed to reducing the stigma associated with cosmetic procedures.

Beyond my professional life, I'm a wife and a mother to two beautiful girls. I'm a small-town girl raised on a small island in Cape Breton, and I have a deep love for animals. I value self-care and enjoy staying active, eating good food, and spending time with friends.


Yvonne is amazing at what she does, she is gentle and considerate. I would recommend her to anyone, especially someone who is nervous about getting cosmetic injections for their first time or anyone who has anxiety. She is thorough with her consultation and takes the time to really walk you through the process.

Emma Myers, Google Review

As Nurse Injectors, We are passionate about the transformative power of medical aesthetics.

It's an incredible privilege to be entrusted with enhancing natural beauty, restoring confidence, and making a positive impact on the lives of our patients. 

However, did you know this commitment extends beyond Nurse Yvonne's personal practice? 

Be the change you want to see

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