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Tis the season of dry & dehydrated skin

Winter weather is tough on our skin, leaving it feeling dry, flaky, and itchy. So, here’s the lowdown to ensure your skin stays glowing all season long.

At Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics, our patients come from all walks of life, and our top priority is making sure all of you feel fantastic, no matter how you spend your winters.  

Are you the type to stay cozy indoors all winter? Or maybe you’re more the type to brave the frosty air?  Regardless, we’ve got tips to master the art of hydration and keep your skin feeling great all winter (even if the weather has other plans in store).

So, grab a cup of something warm, get cozy, and let's chat winter TLC for your skin! 💖✨

Tip #1 - Hydration Nation.

This one may seem simple, but keeping your skin hydrated during the winter months is essential.

Here are some easy tips you can apply today.

Drink Up: Hydration starts from within, so make it a priority to keep your water bottle handy.

Humidify Your Space: Winter air tends to dry out your skin, and indoor heating can worsen it. Try a humidifier to add moisture to the air in your home.

Warm, Not Hot Showers: Hot showers may feel amazing but can strip your skin’s natural oils.

Protect Your Pout: Keep those lips hydrated with a good lip balm. Winter winds are harsh on delicate skin.

Seal The Deal: Apply moisturizer immediately after showering to seal in extra hydration.

Tip #2 - If your skin needs a little extra TLC this winter, try out one (or a few) of our top Vivier Picks.

Lock in your moisture with a really good moisturizer.

Our Pick: Add Vivier’s Nightly Age-Defying Moisturizer to your skincare routine for an extra boost of hydration.

Layer up a hydrating serum under your moisturizer for glowing skin.

Our Pick: Viviers CE Peptides. This award-winning serum will keep your skin nourished and hydrated this winter.

Treat yourself to a hydrating face mask once a week.

Have you tried Vivier’s Ultra Hydrating Mask? 10/10 we recommend! All year long, but especially during the harsh winter months.

Tip #3 - Level up your skincare game with our top reccomended Winter Treatments


Say goodbye to winter dullness.

Microneedling stimulates collagen production, reducing fine lines and giving your skin that coveted plumpness. 

Chemical Peels:

Unveil a fresh layer of radiance.

Our chemical peels gently exfoliate, bidding farewell to dry, flaky skin. You'll be left with a luminous complexion, ready to take on the winter with confidence.

Custom Vivier Facials

Your unique beauty deserves a personalized touch.

Experience the luxury of custom Vivier facials tailored to address your specific skincare needs.

Tip #4- Dont fall off the cute list this holiday season!

Christmas is a time of celebration & indulgence. Late nights, alcoholic drinks, sugary snacks & salty foods put extra stress on your skin.

During this time of year, you may see your skin looking flushed, dehydrated, dull and/or puffy.

To keep your skin clear, happy & healthy, here’s a few simple tricks:

✨ Stay Hydrated (inside & out, lips included)

✨ Vitamin C rich foods to help produce collagen & provide anti oxidants

✨ Omega 3 fatty acids keep skin moistened & reduce inflammation

✨ Vitamin E rich foods protect skin from cell damage

✨ Limit your sodium intake

✨ Snack Sensibly,

✨ Keep makeup light and simple.

✨ De-Puff with cold compress

✨ Don’t skip your night time skincare routine

✨ Make sleep a priority (try an elevated pillow)

✨ Have some alcohol free days

✨ Pamper with a sheet mask/facial

Remember, it's the little things that add up. Winter is no match when you have Nurse Yvonne Aesthetics by your side. Stay cozy this winter and keep that glow alive.

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